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Research on the Construction of Comprehensive Practice Platform for e-Commerce Big Data Analysis Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.114


Ningning Zheng

Corresponding Author

Ningning Zheng


with the Development of Social Economy and Information Technology, the Internet of Things Service Platform Has Also Developed Rapidly, Which Also Marks the Coming of the Era of Big Data Technology. in the Era of Big Data, While Providing Massive Information, It Also Challenges the Development of Related Activities in the Overall Environment. e-Commerce is a New Form of Trade under the Development of Modern Information Technology. Cloud Computing and Internet of Things Provide Related Services for It. under the Exertion of Their Related Roles, the Revolutionary Improvement of e-Commerce Mode Has Been Realized. the Sea Quantitative Data Brings Unprecedented Pressure from Organization to Transmission, Analysis, Storage and Inquiry, But the Rich Information Resources Also Bring More Development Opportunities. Based on the Internet of Things Environment, This Paper Analyzes the Existing Problems and Puts Forward Relevant Suggestions in Order to Better Apply Big Data in Internet of Things e-Commerce.


Internet of Things; Big Data; Electronic Commerce; Modernization