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Analysis of Progress Control Problems and Countermeasures in Software Project Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.112


Jinkui He

Corresponding Author

Jinkui He


the Software Project is Different from the General Traditional Project, Which Has Strong Operability and Control. If the Operation King Refers to the Integration and Distribution of Human Resources in the Software Development Process, Control Refers to the Strict Supervision and Control of the Entire Operation Link. in the Process of Software Development and Application, the Role of Operation Should Be Reflected, and the Distribution of Human Resources and Integration Advantages Should Be Actively Integrated into It to Promote the Rationality and Efficiency of Each Link. At Present, Software Project Delays Are More Serious, and the Software Industry is Increasingly Fierce. Doing Project Schedule Management Has Become a Top Priority for Many Software Companies, and an Important Way to Ensure That Software Delivers on Time, Guarantees Quality and Saves Costs. This Paper First Outlines the Software Project Management and Schedule Control, and Then Discusses the Methods and Tools for Software Project Management Progress Control. Explain the Schedule Planning Process in Software Project Management, and Finally Study the Implementation and Control of Schedule in Software Project Management.


Software Project; Management Issues; Schedule Control; Analysis