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Research on the Application of Automobile Detection and Diagnosis Technology in Automobile Maintenance

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.111


Rongzhen Mo

Corresponding Author

Rongzhen Mo


in Recent Years, People's Main Mode of Transportation, Car Travel, with the Continuous Development of the Country's Economy and Society and Rapid Development, At the Same Time Brought about the Development of Relevant Industries, and Then Promote Economic Progress. China's Automobile Maintenance Industry is Booming on the Basis of the Increase of Automobile Usage. in Actual Automobile Maintenance, Accurate Diagnosis of Automobile Fault is the First Step to Do a Good Job in Automobile Maintenance, and It Directly Determines the Direction of Follow-Up Maintenance, Which is a Difficult Process. Therefore, in Order to Ensure the Healthy and Stable Development of Automobile Maintenance Industry, It is Necessary to Constantly Improve Automobile Detection and Diagnosis Technology, Identify Automobile Faults through Scientific and Efficient Means and Obtain Accurate Diagnosis Results, and Lay a Good Foundation for the Follow-Up Work.


Car Maintenance; Maintenance Work; Diagnostic Techniques; Application of the Point