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Impact of Cross-Border e-Commerce on Fujian's Import and Export Trade

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.107


Siwei Dai, Liwen Chen

Corresponding Author

Siwei Dai


with the Rapid Development of China's Economy and the Development and Application of New Internet Technologies, in Recent Years, Cross-Border e-Commerce and International Trade Have Received Increasing Attention, and People's Attention Has Also Increased. Because of This, Research on Cross-Border e-Commerce and Its Impact on Traditional Import and Export Trades is Very Important. in the Context of This New Era, Cross-Border e-Commerce Has Become an Indispensable Part of International Trade. in Recent Years, Fujian Province Has Seen Explosive Growth in Cross-Border e-Commerce. in Contrast, the Growth Rate of Traditional International Trade Has Been Slowing Down. through Cross-Border e-Commerce, Enterprises Can Reduce the Intermediate Links of Trade, Thereby Significantly Reducing Such a Company's Transaction Costs, Allowing Relevant Companies to Have Unimpeded Information, and Constantly Expand the International Market. in the International Competition, a More Fair Competitive Opportunity. At the Beginning, the Connotation and Characteristics of Cross-Border e-Commerce Are Explained and Analyzed, and the Literature Search Method, Theory and Data Combination Analysis Method, and Case Analysis Method Are Used to Analyze Cross-Border e-Commerce. First, the Current Industrial Development Environment and Current Market Situation of Cross-Border e-Commerce Are Analyzed and Discussed in Depth, So That the Importance of Cross-Border e-Commerce in International Trade Can Be Found. At the Macro Level, the Current Problems Faced by Enterprises in Using Cross-Border e-Commerce Are Raised, Mainly Including: Related Disputes and Disputes Caused by Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights, and Credit Security Caused by Cross-Border Payments. Aiming At These Problems, This Paper Proposes Corresponding Solutions from the Perspectives of Government and Enterprises, So as to Provide Reference and Relevant Theoretical Support for Promoting the Innovation and Development of Traditional Import and Export Trade.


Cross-Border e-Commerce; International Trade; Port and Export