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Research on the Management Mode of Prefabricated Construction Project

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.105


Guo Yuguang, Ran Wenjuan, Zhang Yinfeng, Zhai Honggang, Liu Shouping, Guo Xinyue

Corresponding Author

Guo Yuguang


Traditional construction projects in the process of development, due to the long construction cycle, low industrial efficiency, increased the difficulty of management, there are a lot of safety risks and environmental problems in the project. Under the influence of China's green environmental protection and sustainable development strategy, construction projects are gradually advancing towards industrialization. In the construction project development process, the assembly building can replace the traditional construction form, not only to ensure the quality of the project, but also to shorten the construction period, in line with the green sustainable development strategy, can play a huge role in the factory assembly line production task. This paper discusses the application in the project management process of prefabricated construction engineering and provides reference for professionals.


Prefabricated building; Enterprise; Engineering; Management mode