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Analysis on Restricting Factors and Developing Ways of Agricultural Machinery Application in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.104


Zhuang Xiaobo, Li Yaoming

Corresponding Author

Li Yaoming


as We All Know, Our Country is Agricultural Country, Agriculture is the First Industry Development in Our Country, with the Development of the Country, in Order to Guarantee the Healthy Sustainable Development of Agricultural Development Mode, the Villages and Towns Across the Country Have Been Carried out Gradually to Carry on the Work of Agro-Technical Popularization, through Promotion of New Technology, New Method Innovation, Constantly Improving the Quality of Farm Produce, Led Farmers to Get Rich Together, Become an Important Development Way to Build a New Socialist Countryside. However, At the Present Stage of Development, in the Process of the Application of Agricultural Machinery, Because of the Extension of Funds, Technical Methods and Forms of Extension Are Still Some Limitations, Restricting the Smooth Development of Mechanization Work. Based on This, the Author Will Be in the Following Text for the Application of Agricultural Machinery Constraints Analysis, and Put Forward a Series of Solutions to Promote the Smooth Development of Agricultural Machinery Mechanization.


Agricultural Machinery; Restrictive Factors; Development Way