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Research on Rural Minimal Social Security Policy Suitable for Sustainable Poverty Alleviation under Multiple Poverty Conditions

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.101


Baorui Li, Gunqun Huang, Tingting Wang

Corresponding Author

Baorui Li


To maintain the income level of the minimum guarantee population in rural areas is not only to maintain the basic social right of survival of the groups below the poverty line in rural areas, but also to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas and the driving force of social contradictions in the links. To eliminate the poverty population and narrow the economic income gap is a worldwide problem. The essential effect of rural minimum living insurance policy is directly related to the success or failure of achieving sustainable poverty alleviation. This paper combs the current system of rural minimum living insurance, analyzes the feasibility of minimum living insurance policy in promoting the living security of rural population, ensuring the minimum living insurance and sustainable poverty relief, and explores the new path of sustainable poverty relief in rural areas from five aspects: the operation mode of the system, the improvement of the process, the standards and relevant requirements of relief, the cost input of minimum living insurance policy and the operation and management of minimum living insurance


Rural Minimal Social Security; Sustainable Poverty Alleviation; Social Assistance; Policy Implementation