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Supervision of Village Regulations and Agreements and Their Paths

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.098


Fan Chunying, Zhou Zhiyun

Corresponding Author

Zhou Zhiyun


Village regulations and agreements are self-management rules of grassroots society. It is the premise of realizing the self-governance, rule of law and rule of virtue at the grass-roots level, and also the foundation of realizing the modernization of social governance at the grass-roots level. However, there may be some defects or even illegal situations in the formulation procedures and contents of village regulations and agreements. It will damage the rights and interests of individual villagers or village collectives, and effective supervision of them is conducive to the realization of the rule of law, moral governance and autonomy, as well as the realization of good governance of grass-roots society. The supervision path of village regulations and agreements mainly includes three supervision ways: prior supervision, archival examination and judicial examination.


Village regulations and agreements; Prior supervision; Filing and examination; Judicial review