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The Influence of Internet Public Opinion on the Image Building of Tourist Destination

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.096


Ping Yang, Yanxin Bi

Corresponding Author

Ping Yang


With the rapid development of information technology and related media industry, information dissemination has changed from passive acceptance to active search. Consumers will actively search relevant content to enhance their ability of information identification when they carry out various activities. As a very popular industry in recent years, tourism industry is increasingly affected by Internet public opinion. Consumers will actively search relevant information of tourism destination and form a first impression before going on relevant journey. Therefore, under the promotion of traditional means of publicity and network media, Internet public opinion is a factor that tourism destination should pay enough attention to. Based on the characteristics, significance and function of Internet public opinion, this paper will discuss the importance of Internet public opinion to the image of tourism destination, and put forward some suggestions and measures to help tourism destination solve the problem of Internet public opinion.


Network public opinion; Tourism destination; Subjective initiative; Passive acceptance; Media industry