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Research on the Growth Pattern of Start-Up Internet Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.092


Xiaolong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Xiaolong Jiang


With the development of society, Internet technology is increasingly applied to all aspects of society, and consumers are increasingly using the network. Under this circumstance, the traditional model enterprises have been difficult to meet the increasingly fierce market competition demand, and Internet companies have emerged. This paper first expounds the definition, characteristics and classification of the pioneering Internet enterprises. Through the analysis of the influencing factors and value evaluation of the growth stage of the initial Internet enterprises, this paper analyzes the status quo of the value development of the Internet enterprises in the initial stage and builds the growth model of the Internet enterprises. Models, and take active and creative measures to deal with the complexities of the initial stage, in order to finally achieve the success of entrepreneurship.


Start-up internet companies; Growth model; Value assessment; Model building