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The Optimal Allocation of Financial Resources for Commercial Banks to Serve the Real Economy in the Construction of New Urbanization

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.091


Yue Qu

Corresponding Author

Yue Qu


Real economy is the foundation of a country's economic development. In view of the major strategic tasks of stable growth, structural adjustment and reform of China's macro-economy, how to better serve the real economy by commercial banks has become a major problem in China's banking industry. With the opening of the supply side reform, China's commercial banks are facing the transformation of credit operation and the only way to support the real economy. For the state-owned commercial banks, it has a strong practical significance to further strengthen the research on the transformation strategy of commercial banks' credit operation. The state-owned commercial banks should allocate the scarce financial resources to the most effective areas, actively provide efficient financial support for the development of the real economy and industrial transformation, and constantly improve the efficiency and level of serving the real economy. This paper analyzes the current situation and impact of the state-owned commercial banks' service to the real economy, and puts forward specific measures on how the state-owned commercial banks can unswervingly serve the real economy.


Commercial banks; Real economy; Financial resources; Optimal allocation