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Research on the System of Evidence Transformation between Administrative Law Enforcement Evidence and Criminal Procedure Evidence

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.090


Bo Ning

Corresponding Author

Bo Ning


The legal provisions of the criminal procedure law definitely limit the scope of transforming administrative evidence into criminal procedural evidence. Although these provisions provide a clear legal basis for solving the problem of convergence of administrative evidence and criminal evidence in judicial practice to a certain extent. The procedural law stipulates the scope of the transformation of administrative evidence materials, and to a certain extent solves the problem of the connection between the evidence of execution and the evidence of punishment in the judicial practice. However, because the provisions are too rough, there is still a great controversy in the academic circle. In order to effectively solve the conflicts and disputes between the evidence transformation system and the exclusionary rules of illegal evidence and the provisions of evidence review, and to better serve the investigation, prosecution and trial activities, it should be improved pertinently.


Administrative law enforcement; Criminal procedure; Evidence transformation; Law