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Reflection on Criminal Law Based on the Chaos of Campus Loan

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.088


Juan Li

Corresponding Author

Juan Li


In recent years, due to the driving of economic interests and the rapid development of the Internet, some online lending platforms will reach out to the campus. Although it provides many conveniences for college students who are in urgent need of funds, in the course of their development, due to the lack of legal supervision, the subject of supervision responsibility is not clear, which has triggered many social incidents that have caused serious harm to society, schools and families. Due to the lack of effective legal supervision, these lending platforms have many illegal operations in actual operations. These behaviors have brought heavy psychological pressure and economic burden to students and families, and have also hidden dangers for campus safety and social security. Reflecting on the development of campus loans from the perspective of criminal law can not only regulate the development of campus loans, but also provide relevant reference for the improvement of criminal law. Therefore, this paper combines several common types of campus loans, summarizes and summarizes many chaos, and reflects on the causes and effects of these chaos from the perspective of criminal law.


Campus loan; Fraud; High profit; Reflection on criminal law