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Research on the Development Path of Yangjiale Homestay in the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.086


Zimeng Gao, Li Wang

Corresponding Author

Zimeng Gao


This paper will analyse the significance of the development of Yangjiale homestay according to the characteristics of the development of the homestay industry under the background of rural revitalization strategy. By combing the current path and mode of Yangjiale homestay, the writer concludes the path to develop it by innovating policy system, architectural design, product system, marketing model, and public participation and build up an integrated development mode by utilizing Yangjiale homestay+tourism, Yangjiale homestay+business, Yangjiale homestay+ culture,Yangjiale homestay+social and Yangjiale homestay+ecology so as to solve the uncoordinated problem between the rural tourism development and local agricultural production, folk culture, ecological environment, etc.,which can help realize the integration and coordinated development of agriculture, tourism, business and ecology and provide support for rural revitalization strategy.


Yangjiale homestay; Rural revitalization strategy; Development path