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Analysis of Enterprise Budget Management under the Guidance of Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.084


Deshan Fang

Corresponding Author

Deshan Fang


Budget management is an essential component of modern enterprise integrated management system. With the continuous maturity and development of budget management theory, some new budget management concepts and methods are constantly emerging. In many large enterprises, budget management has become an effective medium and tool for internal control. It is also a good choice to promote the development strategy of the company through budget management. Through the analysis of the traditional strategic management system, this paper points out the advantages of establishing a comprehensive budget management under the strategic direction, and proposes a series of reforms to the enterprise-oriented budget management under the strategic orientation through the current disadvantages of the strategic management system to make up for the current Insufficient, and then proposed a series of strategically oriented enterprise planning reforms, so as to enable enterprises to develop more steadily.


Strategic orientation; Budget management; Corporate strategy