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Research on the Business Model of Cross-Border e-Commerce Export of Wigs

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.081


Jun Chen, Shiyan Xu, Chenyang Zhao, Keer Xue

Corresponding Author

Shiyan Xu


China is one of the most important exporting countries of wigs in the world. As the national base of wig production and export, Xuchang exports more than half of the country’s wigs. In recent years, Xuchang has actively participated in the construction of cross-border e-commerce (CBE) and promoted the transformation. However, due to the internal factors and international environment, the development is relatively slow. This paper studies the factors that affect CBE of Xuchang hair product enterprises, and provides relevant suggestions to improve CBE construction and promote sales of wigs. In this paper, 66 questionnaires are received by local enterprises for empirical analysis. The results show that material grade, quality, export channels and other factors have an important impact on the export CBE sales of development enterprises. Therefore, enterprises should seize the core elements to enhance the competitiveness.


Cross-border e-commerce; Wigs; Export