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The Limitation of Internet Anti-Corruption Modes and Its Innovation Path

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.080


Cao Liangliang

Corresponding Author

Cao Liangliang


Internet supervision plays a more and more important role in the anti-corruption work, and also provides a new supervision way and platform for the anti-corruption system construction. However, the internal limitation and anomie of Internet anti-corruption will infringe upon citizens' right of reputation and privacy, and lead to the crisis of government trust. From the perspective of political science, this paper expounds the basic connotation and mechanism of “Internet anti-corruption education”, which analyzes the difficulties faced by anti-corruption education under the background of Internet, and discusses the work innovation and path of Internet anti-corruption construction. We should strengthen the education of clean government, strengthen the information publicity, unblock the channels of online letters and visits, speed up the construction of Internet rule of law, give full play to the role of non-governmental anti-corruption websites, and do a good job in the monitoring and guidance of Internet public opinion.


Internet age; Anti-corruption modes; Anti-corruption innovation; Online education