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Discussion on the Interactive Mechanism and Realization Path of Rural Tourism Development and New Countryside Construction

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.079


Yanxin Bi, Ping Yang

Corresponding Author

Ping Yang


With the accelerating process of urbanization and industrialization and the continuous improvement of the income level of residents, urban residents have a strong demand for leisure and holiday tourism, and have a certain economic basis for leisure tourism. At the same time, urban residents live far from nature, and they are generally eager to return to nature and return to nature. The vast rural areas of China are rich in resources, rich in folk customs, and have the natural and humanistic conditions for developing rural tourism. Therefore, the development of rural tourism just caters to the requirements of urban residents to “return to nature” and experience rural life, providing urban residents with a wide range of leisure and holiday space. The development of rural tourism and the construction of new countryside have an internal mechanism of interaction, that is, tourism development can effectively promote the construction of new countryside, and the construction of new countryside can promote tourism development. The realization path of the interaction between the two is as follows: combine the development of tourism with new rural construction and build a new rural area with tourism. In order to promote the healthy development of tourism-oriented new rural areas, it is necessary to unify planning and design, rationalize management systems, strengthen community participation, implement comprehensive development, and strengthen spiritual civilization.


Rural tourism; New countryside; Interaction mechanism; Realization path