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On the Basic Situation and Influencing Factors of Cpi in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.078


Li Xin

Corresponding Author

Li Xin


Consumer price index refers to the price of goods and services consumers reflect the changes in a certain period of time, reflecting the final price of products and services in society. It is inseparable from the people's life and plays an important role in the national economic price system. It is an important reference index for the implementation of national economic analysis and decision-making, and also an important basis for the current price level and national economic accounting. Based on data mining and multivariate statistical analysis, this paper classifies the basic status quo of China's price index development and analyzes the influencing factors from the national consumer price index and eight categories of consumer price index to evaluate China's price situation.


Household consumption; Cluster analysis; Som neural network; Factor analysis; Gray correlation analysis