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Analysis of Challenges and Strategies of Rural Tourism for Targeted Poverty Alleviation

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.068


Jian Lin

Corresponding Author

Jian Lin


China, a large developing country in the world, has witnessed the poverty restricting the socioeconomic development. The rural tourism, as one of the strategies for targeted poverty alleviation, is a key project implemented by our nation to facilitate a more harmonious social and economic society. With rural areas being abundant tourism resources and treated as its development object, rural tourism is the crucial part of the whole targeted poverty alleviation program. This paper illustrates the current situation of poverty alleviation nowadays, and then demonstrates the difficulties, drawbacks and reasons during this process by analyzing the status quo and challenges of the combination of rural tourism and targeted poverty alleviation. Finally, some effective strategies shall be provided in this paper to cope with these difficulties and challenges and to change the poor face of Chinese villages so as to lift people there out of poverty and advance the social development.


Rural tourism; Targeted poverty alleviation; Difficulties; Strategies