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Evaluation of provincial government debt risk based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method in H province

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.061


Zhiheng Xu, Fan Zhu and Wen Fan

Corresponding Author

Wen Fan


In this study, analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model were used to construct the early warning model of provincial government debt risk in H province, so that the government's assessment of debt risk was not limited to qualitative analysis, but further quantified, and thus easier to operate and judge. Due to the debt risk control optimization method is based on H province government debt situation, financial situation, economic situation, the comprehensive research in aspects of debt control situation, thus more in line with the actual situation in H province, the optimization method is no longer confined to theoretical analysis, and began to have very good practicality and operability, and the debt risk warning has played a great help.


Model; Risk warning; Risk control