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On Procedural Justice and Substantive Justice in Criminal Law

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.058


Yiheng Wang, Lindong Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yiheng Wang


In recent years, with the promulgation of the Criminal Procedure Law Amendment in 2012, procedural justice has attracted more and more attention.Our country from the first criminal procedure law was born in 1979 to 2018, after a long period of forty years, although there are twists and turns, on the whole, it still shows the significant development and improvement of the rule of law in criminal procedure in our country.From the single purpose of "punishing crime" to the legislative purpose of "punishing crime and guaranteeing human rights", the issue of procedural justice in judicial practice has been paid attention to, and the principle of presumption of innocence has been deeply implemented in recent years.This article will discuss the development of criminal procedure law from the analysis of procedural justice and substantive justice.


Procedural justice; substantive justice; criminal proceedings