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A Brief analysis of Peng Zhen's Thought of Humanitarian Rule of Law and Its Embodiment in Modern Rule of Law in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.057


Ziwei Zhao, Peiyao Xu

Corresponding Author

Ziwei Zhao


Mr. Peng has served as a party and state leader for a long time. He took the lead in the administration of state political and legal work and made outstanding contributions to the construction of the socialist legal system. In his participation in China's legal system construction, Mr. Peng has always upheld the humanitarian spirit and emphasized that every citizen should be treated equally and his rights and interests should not be infringed at will. In the process of participating in the formulation of criminal law and criminal procedure law, Mr. Peng proposed to shorten the term of custody, kill less and kill cautiously, oppose forced confession, prohibit corporal punishment, correct unjust, false and wrong cases through review, and carry out education and reform on the criminal personnel. By analyzing Mr. Peng's thought of democracy and legal system, this paper explores the humanitarian spirit contained in it, and discusses the study and reference of our modern legal system to Mr. Peng's humanitarian thought.


Peng Zhen; Humanitarian spirit; Term of custody; Torture