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Risk Identification and Response of Social Capital in PPP Project of Rail Transit

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.047


Shixia Duan, Yangliu Jin

Corresponding Author

Yangliu Jin


The full name of PPP mode is “Public Private Partnerships”. PPP mode includes BOT (build-operate-transfer) mode, TOT (hand-over-operation-transfer) mode, ROT (rebuild-operation-transfer) and other operation modes. Based on the perspective of social capital, this paper firstly summarizes the theories related to the PPP project and risk management of rail transit. Then combined with the method of literature review and work breakdown structure, the risk factors of social capital in the PPP project of rail transit are preliminarily identified. For the identified risk factors, the improved grey relational degree method is adopted to carry out risk assessment and find out the key risk factors. Finally, some targeted countermeasures are proposed for the key risk factors. It has certain reference value for guiding social capital to carry out risk control, reducing the loss of social capital as much as possible, and effectively promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the PPP projects of rail transit.


The PPP project; Rail transit projects; Risk identification; Risk response