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The present situation and development trend of "new retail" research

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.045


Yujie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yujie Zhang


Since the concept of "new retail" was put forward by jack ma in Hangzhou in 2019, relevant research has developed rapidly, and certain achievements have been made in practice and theory. But overall, the development of "new retail" has just started, and the theoretical research is still in the initial stage. In general, "new retail" attracts high social attention, but high-level research results are still in short supply. From the perspective of research content, it mainly focuses on the interpretation of the characteristics of concept connotation, analysis of the causes of development, development path and development trend. At present, the theoretical research and practical development direction of "new retail" is gradually clear. In the future, the development trend of practice should be further studied in combination with theory and practice, with emphasis on the in-depth integration of online and offline research directions, so as to provide support for better guiding the development of "new retail".


New retail; Theoretical situation; online