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Comparative Analysis of Two Customs Clearance Modes of Cross-Border e-Commerce under the Latest Pattern

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.041


Changyu Lv

Corresponding Author

Changyu Lv


Cross-border e-commerce is an e-commerce form that emerges after the rise of e-commerce. It accompanies increased consumption demand and market size. There are two customs clearance models of cross-border e-commerce, namely the bonded warehouse stocking model (BBC model) and the overseas direct purchase import model (BC model). This paper will conduct a detailed comparative analysis of these two models in the following aspects: connotation and applicable capabilities, combining with the country’s main driving direction, cross-border e-commerce’s development process and the views of scholars. The analysis shows that the development of the BC model is the key to cross-border e-commerce in 2019, and the BC model will become the mainstream of cross-border e-commerce since then.


Cross-border e-commerce; Bc model; Bbc model; Mainstream