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Viral Marketing Consumer Purchase Intentions: a Theoretical Review

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.036


Manik Chandra Rabidas, Gordon Bowen

Corresponding Author

Manik Chandra Rabidas


The advent of electronic communication has transformed the nature of modern marketing communication and purchase intentions as a consequence of far reaching changes to society and lifestyles. Viral marketing has captured the attention of academics seeing to better understand its potential. A very competitive market, and demand for successful campaigning requires a strategy and expertise in persuasion. Some knowledge of unsolicited messaging is also necessary along with an awareness of the dangers of reduced purchase intentions. Sustainable marketing strategies require an understanding of new developments which to increasingly attract and retain consumers. Developments in email, online reviews, social media, blogs and online forums are relevant here. On the other hand, viral marketing is seen as an increasingly crucial method of influencing consumer purchasing to grow sales. Despite the best efforts of viral marketing to influence purchase intentions, a number of challenges make it a difficult proposition. Scholars have studied the influence of viral marketing on specific social media platforms, yet limited theoretical insights exists to gain a full appreciate of the factors which influence consumer purchase intentions. Therefore, this study aims to extend multidimensional elements of viral marketing’s insight to accentuate theoretical concepts with implications for the practical optimization of viral marketing as a strategy to influence consumer purchase intentions. The social constructivist philosophical position of this research makes it possible to better understood the influence of viral marketing on consumer purchase intentions in the context of fashion industry.


Viral marketing; Purchase intentions; Fashion viral marketing; Electronic words-of-mouth (ewom); Influential factors of viral messages and determinants of purchase behavior