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The Origin of Marx’s Theory of World Communication--Manuscript of Economics and Philosophy in 1844

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.034


Danting Xiang

Corresponding Author

Danting Xiang


Globalization is essentially an important network world constructed through world communication. Therefore, as an important medium of globalization, world communication is obviously premised on the exchange of the world economy. It is obvious that world communication is first and foremost premised on the economic exchanges within individual countries, while the exchanges within countries are based on the national economy. Economics and Philosophy Manuscripts of 1844, which is the basis and premise of Marx's first exposition, means that the germination of the theory of world communication in Marx's thought began with the Manuscript of Economics and Philosophy of 1844, and this article, thus became the germination of Marx's theory of world communication. It also provides the theoretical premise and foundation for the formation and development of Marx's world communication theory.


Marx; World communication; Birthplace