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The Choice of Non-Market Strategy for Private Express Enterprises in China-- Case Study Based on Enterprise Gene Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.030


Rongwei Gu, Yiqun Li, Yuhang Ma, Yulin Zhang, Yiding Liu, Zhiyu Xu, Jimin Pang

Corresponding Author

Yiqun Li


Due to the Internet era and the background of big data, the express industry in China is developing rapidly. In addition to China Post, private express enterprises in our country are also entering a period of vigorous development. However, private express enterprises are still facing many other problems besides the effectiveness of market economy during development. What’s more, the choice of non-market strategy of enterprises has attracted more and more attention, but few people have studied the behavior and image establishment of such enterprises in the face of the public and the media. In the process of using the non-market strategy, the enterprise must deal with the relationship with many stakeholders, in order to help itself to build a unique competitive advantage. Based on the analysis framework established by the enterprise gene theory, this paper makes a deep analysis of social public and media strategy adopted by private express enterprises in China. Taking Shunfeng enterprises as the research object, this paper systematically expounds the concrete manifestations of enterprise genetic mechanism in the development process of private express enterprises, as well as the impact of gene recombination on the choice of non-market strategy for enterprises.


Non-market strategy; Private express enterprises; Enterprise genetic inheritance