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The Impact of Electronic Commerce on Economic Development – Assessment of Contribution to the Chinese Economic Growth from Alibaba Group

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.028


Zhukov P.E.

Corresponding Author

Zhukov P.E.


The aim of this study is to build and check the model to assess the impact of electronic trading platforms (ETP) on the economy development. In the focus are effects to small and medium-sized enterprises and international trade and the reasons for great value created by top companies of modern digital economy. The method is based on assessing increment to GDP through the total volume of goods sold - gross merchandise volume. The model is built and the minimization applied to the assessment of average contribution to economic growth in the Chinese economy from the Alibaba group in 2014-2019 years. As the result, the average direct contribution to GDP growth of China from the Alibaba group is assessed at about 1.1% per year.


E-commerce; Etp; B2b; Alibaba group