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New Era, New Logistics’ Supply Chain Value Integration, Promotion and Empowerment of Commercial Travel Real Estate Market Linkage---- based on Big Data Tool

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.019


Liu Junqi, Hu Yu cong, Yi Jianhua, Fan Zhe yin

Corresponding Author

Liu Junqi


In the new era, under the background of new logistics, there is cross-market risk in the linkage of business and travel real estate market, which has the interactive influence of uncertain environmental attribute performance;The linkage of commercial and tourism real estate market is put forward by the development strategy of "big tourism", "big consumption", "big infrastructure", "big finance" and so on. In essence, it is the result of the integration of commerce, tourism and real estate industry. In combination with China's reality, this paper explores the intrinsic mechanism and feasibility of improving the chain value of the business travel real estate market linkage--based on big data tools. Research methods: pay attention to the current situation of practical experience and theory at home and abroad, standardize the combination of research and empirical research, adopt the method of action research, supplemented by investigation method, statistical method and so on. The research results are as follows: the big data tool bring the advantages of policy application support, market scope expansion, market complementary advantages, the superposition of supply chain and industrial chain, and the integration of supply chain and value chain. The importance and potential influence of the study are reflected in the fact that with the help of big data tool, the opportunity and feasibility of improving the linkage performance of the commercial real estate market may lead to the improvement of the supply chain value of the commercial travel real estate market linkage, empower the real estate industry and the supply chain service industry, and bring great benefits.


Commercial travel real estate linkage market; New era; New logistics; Supply chain; Integration; Promotion; Empowerment