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Study on the Optimization of the Capital Structure of Small and Medium -Sized Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.017


CHENG Yueming, LIU Ying, CHENG Yi, HUANG Qianming, CHEN Decheng, WANG Fangyao

Corresponding Author

CHENG Yueming


The capital structure of an enterprise can be divided into debt capital and equity capital. Capital structure management is an important part of enterprise management, it has an indispensable influence on enterprise value. However, many small and medium-sized enterprises lack management experience or are influenced by the external situation, resulting in a series of problems such as difficult financing and borrowing, unreasonable capital structure and so on. These problems can solved by using a series of methods including supporting the development of financial lending platform, establishing funds for small and medium-sized enterprises and helping enterprises improve their diathesis, etc.


Capital structure; small and medium-sized enterprises; optimization