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An Empirical Analysis of Competitiveness of Yangshan Deep-Water Port: The Application of Intermodal Transportation and Automated Container Terminal

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.014


Xiaohan Chen

Corresponding Author

Xiaohan Chen


Regard to the highly competitive market in the globalized generation today, many ports need to upgrade their overall competitiveness. This research project focus on the competitiveness of Yangshan Deep-Water Port in terms of the application of intermodal transportation and automated container terminal. This research project will analyze the comprehensive competitiveness of Yangshan Port through relevant data obtained from interviews. In addition, relevant materials in academic papers will be collected to further support the collected information. The purpose of this project is to analyze methods and measures of Yangshan Port to improve its comprehensive competitiveness to further provide experience and methods that can be adopted by other ports.


Intermodal Transportation; Automated Container Terminal