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Research and Analysis on the Current Development of Fitness Clubs in Dandong City

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.012


YunPeng Jia

Corresponding Author

YunPeng Jia


A comprehensive review to majority of the fitness club which are accessibly available to academic research in Dandong City have been presented and followed by a comparative analysis. The survey was conducted by using questionnaire to not only consumer but also the fitness industry practitioner. Meanwhile, desk research and the interview to the experts were also included to this study. The summary has been given for a map and the business model of the fitness clubs in Dandong City. The study has also analyzed the current development of the fitness clubs and recognize the problems and challenges of this industry. Finally, a list of recommendation has been presented to the industry development and may request a further study.


Dandong; Current development; Advantage; Disadvantage; Recommendation