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The Judicial Judgement in China Today

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.011


Zhuo Liu

Corresponding Author

Zhuo Liu


Cognition is the most insurmountable obstacle of artificial intelligence system. In the field of justice, human language is complex, and the investigation of facts and the adoption of evidence require judges to use their experience in daily life, and many personal factors are often introduced into it. Therefore, the constructive understanding of human judges plays an important role in the process of trial. In addition, the professionalism of legal language and the political color of judicial judgment have also deeply hindered artificial intelligence system judge independently in trial. A fully autonomous judicial trial is beyond the reach of artificial intelligence systems. Artificial intelligence system reconstructs the roles of appraisers, expert assistants and other trial participants, and also changes the knowledge structure and number of members of trial teams. In addition, it will have a great impact on the supervision and assessment system of judges. However, if the artificial intelligence robot could replace the natural person judge completely and independently in the future, human beings should welcome rather than reject its application.


Artificial intelligence; Judicial judgment; Constructive understanding; Role assessment