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Analysis on Financing Risk of Waste Treatment PPP Project in Tianjin: An Empirical Analysis Based on Grey Correlation Degree

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.009


Ying Wang, Ying Guo

Corresponding Author

Ying Wang


PPP is a new and effective financing mode for large-scale infrastructure construction, which has a broad development prospect. However, the progress of the project is not satisfactory. There are many reasons for the difficulty in landing PPP projects. However, according to the research, the key reason is the long construction cycle and low return on investment, which lead to the financing difficulty and high risk. Based on this, this paper investigated the pre-construction environment of the PPP project of the newly built domestic waste comprehensive treatment plant in Dongli district of Tianjin, by using Delphi method to establish a set of scientific and reasonable risk evaluation index system, and the entropy weight method is used to determine the weights of various risk factors, on the basis of the grey correlation method was used to construct the financing risk assessment model. According to this model, the risks faced by all major participants in the project are analysed and evaluated, and the results can provide references for the investment decisions of all participants, thus promoting the rapid and smooth development of PPP projects.


Waste treatment project; PPP; Grey correlation model; Risk management