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Research on the Construction of Evaluation Index System of Marketing Competitiveness Based on Consumer Purchase Behavior

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.004


Yanxia Zhang, Xiang Gao

Corresponding Author

Xiang Gao


with the Continuous Development of Market Economy and Information Technology, Marketing Competitiveness Has Become the Basis for Enterprises to Survive, But There is No Perfect Index Evaluation System for Marketing Competitiveness. under the Background of Market Economy, Major Enterprises Must Go Deep into the Market and Actively Face the Adjustment Given by the Market Environment and Other Similar Enterprises. Enterprise's Marketing Competitiveness is That Enterprises Use Their Own Resources to Formulate Marketing Strategies and Tactics. in Addition, It is Effectively Implemented in a Competitive Market Economy, So as to Obtain Comparative Advantages, Create Value, Realize Interest Growth, and Enhance the Dominant Position of Enterprises in the Market. Modern Enterprises Need to Use a Variety of Scientific and Effective Research Methods. When Measuring the Comprehensive Competitiveness of Enterprises, the Evaluation Index System Can Be Applied. Based on the Analysis of Consumers' Purchase Behavior, This Paper Studies the Construction Strategy of the Evaluation Index System of Marketing Competitiveness, in Order to Give Full Play to the Marketing Competitiveness of Enterprises.


Market Economy; Marketing Competitiveness; Evaluation Index System; Purchase Behavior