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Economic Evaluation Method and Empirical Study of Project Feasibility Study

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.003


Hao Wu

Corresponding Author

Hao Wu


The project decision-making process of project investment decision-making, especially state-owned capital investment, is mainly divided into preliminary feasibility study and feasibility study. After the implementation of the “Decision of the State Council on Investment System Reform”, the feasibility study of the project is basically no longer approved by the government. The premise of the project, but the investment entity still needs to consider the construction time, location and scale of the project in the investment decision-making process, whether it is technically feasible, whether it is economically reasonable, and of course, social benefits and other factors, and economic analysis is investment decision-making. The most important determinants, this paper mainly compares several methods of economic evaluation of project investment feasibility study, and conducts empirical research with a wind power project.


Investment decision; Feasibility study; Economic evaluation