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Research on Financial Ecological Legal System Based on Legal Economic Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/iwass.2019.002


Fei Li, Wei Lin

Corresponding Author

Fei Li


in the Construction of Financial Ecology, Perfecting Legal System is the Most Important Thing to Improve Financial Ecology. Financial Ecosystem is Formed under a Certain Political, Economic, Cultural and Legal Environment, So It Has Distinct Institutional Structure and Social and Cultural Characteristics. Using the Relevant Theories of New Institutional Economics to Explain That the Core of the Construction of Financial Ecological Environment is the Construction of Legal System, This Paper Makes an in-Depth Analysis of Chinese Financial Ecological Situation from the Micro and Macro Economic Aspects, and Probes into Many Problems Existing in the Current Financial Ecological Environment in Chinese Legal System. At Present, the Most Important Problem in Chinese Financial Ecological Construction Should Be to Improve Financial Property Rights as the Core, to Strengthen Credit Order as the Focus, and to Improve the Legal System of Financial Subjects.


Financial Ecology; Legal System; New System Economy