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Study on the Index Factors of Quality Evaluation of Pre-service Education for Art Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.304


Liang Jingyue

Corresponding Author

Liang Jingyue


In contrast, the pre-service training quality evaluation of teachers in China lacks professional standards in terms of overall service significance. This article will investigate the normal school students and front-line art teachers in a certain normal school. The research results show that the idea of running a school, resource management (including teacher qualifications), curriculum teaching, educational practice, and student harvest, all of which affect the standardization of teacher education pre-service training Five core elements of quality evaluation. After establishing the structural equation model for fitting degree test, path analysis and effect analysis, the internal connection, conflict, core factor clusters and basic tree development ideas for establishing the quality evaluation of pre-service training of art teachers in China are obtained.


Art teacher; pre-education training in education; quality evaluation; index factor