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Research on the Path of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion through the Integration of Production and Education under the Threshold of Talent Supply side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.296


Xiaodong Xu, Jinjing Liu, Shaomin Zou

Corresponding Author

Xiaodong Xu


The reform of the talent structure in colleges and universities is an important factor in the upgrading of regional industries and the development of regional economy. However, due to the lack of research on the inner mechanism of innovation and entrepreneurship talents training, it lacks systematic social support and lacks the motivation for sustainable development. On the basis of the mechanism between supply-side structural reform and the analysis of the transformation of talent structure, this paper puts forward the dilemma of reforming talent structure based on the lack of specialization on the supply side and participation on the demand side. We will promote innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the development of people's talents, promote the co-construction of “production, research and innovation”, ensure that innovation and entrepreneurship meet the needs of industrial development, and ensure the seamless integration of innovation of entrepreneurship and regional resources.


Talent supply side; Integration of production and education; Innovative undertaking