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Research on the Application Strategy of Modern Information Technology in Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.295


Qiquan Hu

Corresponding Author

Qiquan Hu


Traditional Teaching Methods and Teaching Methods Have Not Been Able to Keep Up with the Development Needs of the Current Society, and the Emergence of Computer Information Technology Has Provided the Possibility of Teaching Reform. the Advent of the Digital Information and Multimedia Era, the Development of the Era of Big Data, Has Made the Original Teaching Methods and Teaching Concepts Have to Make New Adjustments to Adapt to the Big Environment under the Background of Information Technology. However, the Combination of Information Technology and Other Disciplines Takes a Long Time to Develop, But the Combination of Information Technology and Sports is Mostly in Sports Competitions and Sports Measurement. the Combination of Information Technology and Physical Education Teaching is Not Close Enough. Therefore, This Study Investigated and Analysed the Existing Information Technology in the Application of Physical Education Teaching, Found the Main Problems Existing in the Current Physical Education Teaching, and Tried to Use Information Technology to Find a New Teaching Application Strategy for Physical Education Teaching. through the Use of Information Technology Means to Stimulate Students' Interest in Learning, and Then Promote the Reform of Physical Education, and Ultimately Improve the Efficiency and Quality of Teaching.


Modern Information Technology; Physical Education; Application Strategies