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Study and Realization of 3D Visualization System of Power Transmission Grid

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.66


Wan Huijiang, Liang Ling, Ma Jianwei, Jiang Zaineng

Corresponding Author

Ma Jianwei


With the acceleration of the construction of smart power grid, the power industry has put forward more requirements on the construction, design and operation management of transmission network, and the 3D visualization of transmission grid becomes more and more important. Therefore, in order to show the grid electricity staff such information as the environment and components of transmission grid in a more direct and vivid way, this paper refers to the design of Internet technology and realizes the 3D visualization system of power transmission grid with timeliness and interactivity, which improves the maintenance ability and management of transmission network.


OSG, power transmission grid, 3D visualization, scene roaming, path roaming.