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Research on the Practical Experience Path for Improving the Patriotism Education Base

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.288


Yuanyuan Liang, Hong Cai

Corresponding Author

Yuanyuan Liang


In order to give full play to the thematic position of patriotism education base in patriotism education, it is necessary to constantly improve the construction of patriotism education base and improve visitors’ participation sense. Through focusing on the setting of situation, finding out the experience carrier and guiding the interaction in many ways, we can deepen and solidify the patriotic education. It covers the whole process of “experience education” from four aspects: creating platform, independent experience, guiding interaction, reflection and correction. This paper will take these four aspects as a starting point, to improve the path of practice experience of patriotism education base.


Patriotism; Practical Experience; Path