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Experimental Teaching Reform of Data Structure Based on Seminar in the Major of Information Management and Information System

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.282


Yunjuan Cai, Tianpeng Gao

Corresponding Author

Yunjuan Cai


the Courses of Data Structure and Algorithm Application Are Difficult to Learn. in Order to Effectively Help Students to Understand Knowledge and Improve Their Ability to Use Knowledge, Based on the Teaching Ideas of Seminar, Experimental Teaching Goals and Teaching Plans Are Designed, Teaching Resources Are Established, from Experimental Case Discussion to Experimental Project Discussion and Practice. These Two Teaching Sectors Can Encourage Students to Study Independently and Collaborate to Solve Practical Problems. Teaching Practice Shows That Such Experimental Teaching Reforms Give Full Play to Students' Initiatives and Enable Students to Actively Participate in the Discussions of Experimental Analysis, Experimental Processes and Experimental Acquisitions, Which Can Create an Open and Free Learning Environment and Further Cultivate Students' Innovation Ability and Improve Their Comprehensive Skills and Comprehensive Quality.


Seminar; Data Structure; Experimental Teaching