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Research on Process-Based Comprehensive Testing Method for Private Artistic College Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.275


Hongqiang Ma, Jiayu Shao, Baojin Fang

Corresponding Author

Hongqiang Ma


Development Model of College School Teachers Revealed the Rules of All teachers’ Career Progress[1,2,3]. Researching on Methods to Processing a Scientific and Comprehensive Talented Test for Teachers Based on Rules Should Be a Significantly Meaningful Work. This Paper Carries on a Comprehensive Scientific Evaluation of Private Art Teachers in Colleges and Universities by Expounding the Process-Based Comprehensive Evaluation Methods of Private Art Teachers in There, and Records the Career Development Process of Private Art College Teachers to Conduct Talent Evaluation for Private Art College Teachers. Provide a Realistic Basis and Verify the Scientific Nature of the Idea through Mathematical Models.


High School Teachers; Talented Test; Performance Appraisal