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Application of Intelligent Optimization of Solar Air Heating System in Large Buildings

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.64


Jiazheng Yu

Corresponding Author

Jiazheng Yu


With the increasing pressure of global climate and environmental change, strengthening building energy efficiency and developing green building to protect the earth's environment has become a hotspot. Among them, in the ventilation of buildings, it is now widely used to adjust the temperature and humidity by mechanical ventilation to meet the needs of the residents. The advantage of mechanical ventilation lies in its convenience and fast speed. It can achieve the temperature and humidity that people want in a short time, but the pollution and malpractice it brings are also obvious. Natural ventilation is an effective means of building energy saving, which plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and improving indoor comfort. The advantages of natural ventilation technology are introduced, whose principle is analyzed, and the realization method of natural ventilation technology is discussed.


Natural ventilation, intelligent building, architectural design, regional architecture, energy conservation, solar energy.