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Research on H5 Advertising Design Course and Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.271


Biqing Lin

Corresponding Author

Biqing Lin


H5 Advertisement is a Product of the Deep Integration of Html5 Technology and Advertisement Field. Although the Development of This Advertisement Form is Not Very Mature At Present, It Has Attracted the Attention of Many Advertisement Audiences. with the Advent of the Digital Media Era, Advertising Supply Has Formed an Audience-Oriented Trend, Featuring Interactivity, Integration of Brand Information, Linkage of Information Services and Immediacy of Information Management. Teachers of Art and Design Major Insist on Taking Social Needs as Guidance and Continuously Optimize Their Professional Curriculum Design. Although the Types of Advertising Courses in Most Schools Are Relatively Rich, They Are Generally Messy and Have Great Blindness. It is Difficult to Play a Complementary Role between the Curriculum and the Curriculum, Resulting in the Dilemma That the Knowledge and Skills Learned Do Not Meet the Needs of the Industry. Starting from the Problems Existing in H5 Advertising Design Course, This Paper Analyzes the Innovation of Many Teaching Links, and Puts Forward the Strategies of Cultivating Innovative Talents in Higher Vocational Colleges.


H5 Advertisement; Courses; Personnel Training; Innovation