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School and Enterprise Collaborative Education Platform Introduce

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.270


Huang Zhifeng

Corresponding Author

Huang Zhifeng


Air Cargo Transportation Agent, or Air Freight Agent for Short, is a Bridge Connecting Airlines and Cargo Owners. Air Transport Major in Colleges and Universities Shoulders the Important Task of National Vocational Education, and Plays an Important Role in the Process of Training Innovative Talents. School Enterprise Cooperative Education is the Mainstream of Talent Training Mode in Contemporary Colleges and Universities, and the Main Way to Cultivate Innovative Talents in Colleges and Universities. Most of the Cooperative Education and Service Systems for Air Transportation Agency Majors Are Single in Form and Content, Lack of Effectiveness and Pertinence, and Cannot Provide Complete and Comprehensive Guidance Education and Service for College Graduates. Graduates' Employment is an Important Indicator to Measure the Quality of Air Transportation Major in Colleges and Universities. It is Also an Important Content for Schools to Show the Level of Talent Cultivation to the Society. At Present, Colleges and Universities Across the Country Are Carrying out Various Educational Reforms under the Concept of School-Enterprise Cooperation in Educating People. the Construction of School-Enterprise Cooperation Cooperative Education Platform is of Great Significance to Both School and Enterprise.


Air Transportation Agency; Cooperative Education; School and Enterprise; Platform