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Brief Discussion Based on the Learning Management Strategies of Minority Students in Chinese Language Majors

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.269


Zheng Wanwei

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wanwei


The rapid development of modern society has put forward new requirements for education at all levels. As far as the Chinese language major is concerned, this is an indispensable specialty in college education, and it is also the main channel for the cultivation of Chinese language and literature talents. As far as the nature of the profession is concerned, the focus of learning this professional knowledge lies in the solid foundation of Chinese language, which covers the ability to master basic literary knowledge and the ability to read and understand literature, because the development of a diversified education pattern provides a good platform for students to choose their majors. For the students of this major, there are a large number of minority students, that their Chinese language foundation is uneven, and their ability to adapt to the profession is also very different, and under the influence of ethnic differences, the minority students will have special learning characteristics or psychological characteristics during the professional study. Therefore, in order to ensure the effectiveness of their learning, an effective learning management strategies must be adopted.


Colleges and univeristies; Chinese language major; Minority students; Learning management; Strategy